Gold leaf  for lettering and graphics are still alive at UCSIGNS. Gold has been used for
thousands of years as an elegant form of decoration. We regularly use goldleaf to letter  
an antique wood boat, semi truck, carved sign or window.  We also use imitation gold
and silver leaf vinyl which is a cost effective  alternative to the 23K gold.  Say it in gold!
Immitation Gold leaf foil vinyl
Gold leaf on our carved sign, Unionville Center Ohio
Drew applying gold leaf to a mahogany boat transom, Columbus Ohio
Gold leaf lettering on Chris Craft mahogany boat, Buckeye Lake Ohio
Gold leaf lettering on aluminum, Marysville ohio
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110 W. Main St. Unionville Center, Ohio 43077
1 Thessalonians 5:16-19
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UCSIGNS truck with vinyl flag graphics
Drew & Rita Youngberg, Owners, UCSIGNS 2010
Please visit our pages to see some of our work in the local community.  For more
information, contact us at our shop or email us at
                                                          Thanks, Drew & Rita Youngberg
2009 UCSIGNS. Owned, operated, maintained and designed by  Drew  Youngberg with a little help from Trixie the Cat & Tucker the Dog.                     Veteran / Christian owned business
 Carved urethane sign sandblasted pebbled, union county ohio
Gold leaf with pinstriping on boat transom, ucsigns ohio
Gold paint on carved sign, Marysville Ohio
Gold paint on carved sign, Rosedale Ohio
Imitation Gold Leaf truck lettering, Plain City Ohio
Imitation Silver Leaf vinyl semi truck lettetring, Plain City Ohio
23 K gold leaf. Patent sheets for guilding.
Gold Leaf Lettering on boat. Zimerman Boat Works Columbus Ohio
Gold leaf with pinstripes and shadow, Zimmerman Boat Works Columbus Ohio
Gold Leaf lettering with pinstripe. Columbus Ohio